Are you looking to buy a home or to just Invest in real estate?

Buying a new home is a huge step. It will probably be your most important purchase you will ever make in your life. This can be a grueling and frustrating process. You need to work with a company that has the expertise and the personal attention needed to walk you through this process. There are several creative ways to purchase a new home, many with no money out of pocket! We also offer the most competitive programs on investment properties and second homes.

Homebuyers 100+% Program

This program allows you to finance over 100% of the appraised value of the home you are buying. This will allow you to finance closing costs, or even get up to $5,000 cash out to pay off debt or improve your new

100% Purchase on Primary Residence, Investment Property, or Second Home

We can help you finance 100% of the appraised value of your new loan in one loan, or as a combo loan. We can help you avoid Mortgage Insurance, or PMI, that many lenders require if you finance more than 80% of the value of your home!
100% Stated Purchase

No proof of income but you have a job? No problem!

Let us help you purchase a home with no down payment without any income verification.
No Mortgage Insurance Program

Most banks and lenders require you to pay Mortgage Insurance, or PMI, if you finance more than 80% of the value of your home. This Mortgage Insurance is not tax deductible, as mortgage interest is, and can often increase your monthly payments by hundreds of dollars!

1/3/5/7 Year ARMs

We offer lower interest rate ARM, or Adjustable Rate Mortgage, programs that are fixed for a specific number of years at a lower interest rate than a 30 or 15 year fixed program. These programs can save you money on your mortgage payments, especially if you are planning to move in a certain number of years or are buying your first home.

Interest Only

Only make an interest payment on your mortgage. This keeps your payments as low as possible, leaving more disposable income to pay other debts or to apply toward your principle balance. This is a great program if you are buying an investment property that you intend on selling in a few years, or if you are planning to move within the first few years of buying your home.

Up to 6% Seller Concessions

We can even show you how the seller of your new home can contribute up to 6% of the financing toward your new loan.

Poor Credit

Even if you have credit problems, don’t let that stop you from buying the home of your dreams. Remember, we treat you like more than just a credit score.